Thank you for replying to my job ad posting – this application will basically be your first interview. Whether you are looking for a sales associate position or answering a sales director job posting, please fill this out along with a Restaurant Application as well using your first and last name as the restaurant name. Thanks for showing you are interested in this simple interview process to secure a job that can easily earn you $100,000 your first year with full residuals.
Corona Virus Restaurant Rescue / Grow Restaurant Profits Comprehensive Marketing Platform Sales Application

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Ever Been Convicted Of A Felony?

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How Many Years Person To Person Sales Experience Do You Have?

How Many Years Telemarketing Only Sales Experience Do You Have?

Have You Worked For Straight Commission Before?

How Much Would You Hope To Earn Your First 3 Months With This Sales Position?


How Much Would You Hope To Earn Your First Year With This Sales Position?


How Much Would You Hope To Earn In Year 2 In Residuals From Your Clients Obtained In Year One?


What Is The Most You Have Made In One Year In Sales?


Has Any Of Your Previous Job Paid A Residual Income Of Any Sort For Life

Has Any Of Your Previous Sales Jobs Included Marketing A Product Or Service To Restaurants?

How Many Restaurant Owner Connections Would You Say You Currently Have Via Past Sales And/Or Other Connections

Describe The Products And/Or Services You Have Sold In The Past

Have You Reviewed The Videos At This Website

After Reviewing The Videos & The Information On This Application, Do You Understand What You Will Be Selling To Restaurant Owners?

What Do You Feel Are The Key Selling Points To The Restaurant Owner?

Do You Feel If You Can Get Restaurant Owners To Watch Just One Of The Videos At Corona Virus Restaurant Rescue The Videos Will Do Most Of The Selling Work For You?

What Video Do You Feel Was Most Powerful?

If You Could Change Anything About Any Video, What Would It Be?

Compared To Products & Services You Have Sold In The Past, How Do You Rate This Sales Opportunity From 1 To 5 Stars With 5 Stars Representing The Most Optimal Opportunity?

Knowing There Are 3 Products (GRP Sponsorships) Being Sold (Standard, Premier, Executive), Tell Me What Percentage Of Sales Do You Expect To Make For Premier & Executive?


Do You See Any Problem With Your Ability & Motivation The Ability To Find 48 Restaurants In Your Initial 60 Days To Take Advantage Of One Of The Sponsorship Levels With Them Knowing There Is A Limited To 48 Restaurants Per Market?:

If You See Any Challenges With This Very Unique Corona Virus Restaurant Rescue Sales Opportunity In A Market Perfectly Positioned & A Solution Perfectly Matched For The Challenges Restaurants Are Facing, Please List What Challenges You Feel You Will Face?
Do You Have Any Specific Questions You Will Want Addressed When We Have Our Telephone Interview?

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